Beach Wave Clip-in

Are you having trouble finding the highest quality Remy Clip-Ins that will suit your curly, wavy hair? Buying regular clip-ins and transforming them over and over again is not an option anymore – explore the perfect extensions for effortless mermaid waves glamorous look!

Recommended order amount:

Up to 18“: minimum order of 2-3 packs is recommended

Up to 24“: minimum order of 3-4 packs is recommended

Up to 30“: minimum order of 4-5 packs is recommended

If you need help defining the suitable number of Clip-In packs for your thicker/thinner hair – Contact us!

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This is my second time getting this hair … Hair is nice & soft. Minimal shedding & it matched my leave out perfectly! I’ve used this hair in so many styles && it’s still in pretty good condition Love the support, they were soo helpful. The hair came less than a week of my order! Thank you
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I love love LOVE this hair. It’s so beautiful and soft. I bought a 20 inch and It’s definitely full and true to length. I definitely recommend this hair to everyone
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Excellent 100% human hair. The support was very kind, the hair is beautiful and it goes well with my color. Thank you
Wonderful hair, nice quality! Fast shipping. This is the 2nd time that I have ordered. Definitely worth having!
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I received the hair. I absolutely love it. I plan on getting one for my daughter too, since the hairdresser said they were excellent quality. I'm definitely going to buy again them from Snline.
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This hair was a great deal for the price. I am using it now for 5 months already. I will deffinetly get it from here when I need it. The hair was and it is still perfect!
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Amazing quality. Definitely recommend


Just like your hair!

Our Snline Beach Wave full headset has slight natural waves, perfect to match with your natural curls or even to transform & upgrade your special day hair game!

Natural waves and fuller and thicker hair than any average CLIP-ins

Snline Beach Wave extensions are the best fit for upgrading your already wavy hair and increasing hair volume quickly and easily. Our supreme Wavy Extensions come in a 10-piece set of the best quality Remy Human Hair on the market.

With a 3x Longer Life span, we guarantee you will have effortless, defined, and tousled beach waves in minutes – fit them yourself depending on the length and density of your hair.


What makes our Beach Wave Clip-In stand out?

Their best feature is silicone clasps that will enable completely safe application without damage – perfect for all hair types including thin or fine hair!  Unlike other clip-ins that can appear bulky and bumpy near the root our Beach Wave extensions are 50% thinner at the top and will be undetectable.

Snline Beach Waves are ethically sourced, most luxurious Remy Human Hair from Brazil. Even if our extensions are pre-styled to give you an instant glamorous look, the extensions can be cut, washed, and even heat-styled just like your natural hair!


Fast and easy: Just like our other Remy Clip-In sets, you can clip in your Beach Wave Clip-Ins and be ready in minutes!

For the best results start with styling your natural hair – shape your hair with your favorite style press to make the waves and be ready to put on the extensions, starting from the back.  Just follow our easy 10 step routine:

Starting at the lower back section, use a tail comb or index finger to divide your hair horizontally, just below one ear to the second ear.

Snline Clip in Hair Extensions are designed to be attached from the bottom up. Starting at the lowest point on the hairline, create a part where you wish to section off the hair with a tail comb – for the most precise effect. Make sections as large as a clip-in single extension you wish to clip.

Clip your remaining hair on the top of your head, to keep it out of the way as you fit the hair extensions. remove a weft without first opening all the clips.

Take the first weft from the pack. The first weft should be wide enough to sit along the back of your hairline. Then open all the clips so they are ready to be inserted into your hair.

Take one of the wider hair wefts and insert the opened center clip just below the parting. Insert the snap clip on your hair, not on the raw scalp. Snap the clip shut, so it grips your hair. Repeat with the remaining clips.

Release the hair you held out of the way and create a new parting. To do this, comb down a layer of hair, with about half an inch between each weft layer. Each time secure the extra hair on top of your head.

Insert the remaining wefts in the same manner as above. Repeat the process with a new parting above each weft extension.

Since your Snline Invisible Clip-In Hair Extensions are attached, run your fingers along the weft to make sure it lies flat against your head along the entire width. If there are any gaps, correct this by snapping the clip open, lifting it off the hair, and repositioning it so that the weft lies flat.

Insert and position the pieces on the sides so they frame the face and blend with your own hair.

To remove Snline Invisible Clip in Hair Extensions, snap open all the clips and gently lift them up and away from your hair. Never try to remove a weft without first opening all the clips.


Do’s –

  • Use alcohol-free and sulfate-free hair products
  • Scrunch the hair after washing with some curl cream to encourage the curl to spring back
  • Brush the hair before washing. Avoid brushing in between washes to combat frizz
  • Use the detangling brush for smooth styling
  • Let the hair air dry, since curly hair hairdryers can cause frizz
  • If your hair tends to get greasy, use Cliphair’s extension-friendly dry shampoo

Dont’s –

  • Beach Wave Extensions are not designed to be washed daily and over-washing will affect the wave pattern – don’t over wash your Clip-Ins: wash them every 10-15 uses, and always use heat protection spray before drying
  • Don’t use cleansing or shine shampoos
  • Don’t wear your extensions to bed, remove them before showering, swimming, and sleeping.
  • Do not bleach or lighten the extensions
  • Remember Snline Remy Hair Extensions have already been through a chemical dye process to match your custom hair color –  if you decide to dye them, it may affect the quality of the hair.

Still not sure if Snline Beach Wave Clip-Ins would be the best fit for you?

Contact us, we’ll be more than happy to help!

In case you are looking for a semi-permanent, salon professional installed Snline extensions, check out our Remy Beach Wave Tape In Collection that can last up to 8 weeks!

* Due to the natural variance in human hair, exact weights may slightly vary. *