Clip-In Care Guide: How to Care for Your Snline Clip-In Hair Extensions

Clip-ins are an excellent solution if you desire long, thick, and voluminous hair instantly! These hair extensions are easy to attach, easy to style, and can last for years if you take proper care. Find the right clip-in hair extensions for you in our Remy hair wide range - your hair will look lusciously beautiful within minutes.

We have created the Care Guide to help you look after your adored hair extensions and your own hair too: both experienced users and first-time buyers can feel confident in caring for their Remy human hair extensions after following our tips and recommendations!

Why Snline Clip-In Extensions?

Snline Extensions only offer human hair extensions as they are the best quality hair on the market and give you more freedom when it comes to styling and customizing. This Guide will help you prevent damage to your own hair and save your money in the long run!

Styling your Clip-Ins

You can use your hairdryer, straighteners, and curling irons on your hair extensions to achieve a variety of styles, but remember - as, with human hair, the less heat used the better. We advise you to use a good quality heat protection treatment before applying heat to your hair extensions, to keep your extensions in their original silky condition for as long as possible.

Clip-In extensions respond to heat tools much quicker than your own hair, making them easy to style. Be sure to apply heat tools to your extensions for short periods of time, to keep them healthy-looking. It's also advisable not to use hair spray, mousse, or gel as this can melt into the hair as well as to avoid a build-up. Treat your extensions as you would your own and remember to use a heat protector before using any heating appliances!

Pro tip: Even though clip-in human hair extensions can be styled, you don’t need to do this every time. It’s best to air dry hair extensions than blow dries them. Air drying will prevent heat from damaging the hair strands. Never brush hair extensions just after washing. Leave them to dry overnight and brush the strands once completely dry.

Washing your Clip-Ins

Ideally, it shouldn't be necessary to clean your hair extensions more than every 6 weeks. When dry shampoo has done it all and the only option left is washing the extensions, the following tips will help make this process less difficult.

Here are the tips:

-          Every time before you wash your extensions give them a good brush first with an extensions-friendly hairbrush: this will prevent the hair from knotting whilst being washed and make it easier to comb out afterward. 

-          Separate the hair into pieces before washing if you have a multi-piece set. This will prevent matting which can lead to shedding. We recommend washing no more than 3 bits at a time. 

-          Don’t rub the hair vigorously as you wash it! Gently smooth the shampoo over the hair and softly lather the hair with your fingers taking care not to create knots in the hair. Once shampooed rinse with the water directed downwards onto the hair, again do not rub the extensions to get the soap out - let the water do this for you. Only use lukewarm water to avoid opening the hair cuticles. 

-          After shampooing, gently pat dry with a soft towel and apply a generous amount of an extensions-friendly deep conditioning mask to the mid-lengths and ends. Cover the hair with a towel and leave the mask to soak in for 30-60 minutes. Rinse extremely well with lukewarm water. The mask will hydrate the hair and return any lost moisture.

Brushing your Hair Extensions

To retain your clip-ins shine, length, and sleek quality, you need to pick the right type of brush for it. There are special brushes made exclusively for hair extension maintenance. Always start brushing from the roots. If you brush from the ends with excessive pulling or force, the hair strands may fall out and the clip-ins may start loosening up. 

Use the extension brush of your choice to brush over in a way that does not snag or pull the hair. Always go in a downward direction to preserve the hair’s natural direction.

Coloring your Hair Extensions

Snline offers more than 40 colors for all Remy Hair Extension types!  Before purchasing new extensions be free to contact us if you are unsure about the color/shade you need. Always try to get the best color match from our available colors displayed on all products. We don't highly encourage dyeing the extensions, but if you must dye them take a closer look at the following instructions:

- The first recommendation is to buy a shade closest to your own hair color, even if the extensions can be dyed up to two shades darker max. The extensions’ hair has already been through a chemical process, so bleaching or lightening the hair can affect the condition of the hair.

-          You will need approximately two boxes of dye per full head set of hair extensions. Simply apply the dye in a patting and stroking motion from root to tip. The hair can be dyed more than once, but remember, like your own hair, the condition will be affected the more you dye the extensions, so we do not recommend it. Following the instructions and thoroughly rinsing the dye from the extensions is mandatory. 

-          Whenever you can, carry out a strand test before dyeing whole hair extensions. Dyeing hair extensions require professional experience.

Storing your Hair Extensions

The first and most important rule is: Do not store your hair extensions in plastic packaging! It can cause friction and an overall decrease in quality. Store in cotton or breathable material instead. Always close the clips after removal from your hair. Brush hair through from top weft to ends, supporting the top weft with the other hand. The next step is to spray your extensions with a leave-in conditioner. It will nourish your extensions and make them be smooth and silky longer.

Pro tips: What to avoid with Clip-Ins?

-          Don't use products that contain alcohol. These can dry out the extensions and make them brittle and weak.

-          Don't wear your extensions to swimming in the pool or the sea, this will tangle them and dry them out instantly.

-          Be sure to take your extensions out before going to bed, carefully clip by clip to avoid damaging your own hair.

-          And once again - don't bleach or lighten your extensions.

Snline Extensions is here to help you with any hair extension concerns that you may have. Feel free to contact us!


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